Is that a Good American Coat or is Khloe Kardashian Just Crazy?

Woodland Hills, Khloe Kardashian braves the cold LA weather in a lo puffer jacket to take her daughter True to her weekly dance class. Pictured: Khloe Kardashian BACKGRID USA 20 DECEMBER 2021 USA

Khloe Kardashian inexplicably wore a heavy parka in 70 degree weather. Ok, it wasn’t a parka. It was a gigantic puffer jacket and knit cap.

The paps have a weekly appointment to snap Khloe (and sometimes the polygamous Tristan Thompson) dropping off daughter True for her dance class, but she usually isn’t dressed for a blizzard when it happens.

Kardashian launched her clothing line Good American with Emma Grede in 2016. The company is selling long belted puffer jackets this season and the one Khloe is sporting may well be one of them. She may just be dressed as a walking advertisement, but then there’s also the knit cap. What gives?

And while Khloe is covered from head to toe, her kid is wearing a thin bodysuit, for class. If Khloe was cold, you wouldn’t think she’d leave her child exposed to the elements while she took shelter.

And don’t suggest she’s trying to be incognito because, um, she’s a Kardashian. Incognito is not their thing. And you can cross off the theory that she is modest about her body because . . . see previous comment.

She recently recovered from her second known bout of Covid. Maybe she’s running another fever and has chills.


Khloe was flashing her formidable abs in an instagram photo set just the other day. Check out slide number 3.

She hasn’t been covering up lately. Whatever her reasons for suddenly going arctic, her young daughter True looks perfectly horrified by Mom’s attire and the nanny is clearly thinking, “Is my paycheck worth this embarrassment??”

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