Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s House is for Sale and Engagement Ring is no more

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Apparently, there have been no second thoughts about the break up Aaron Carter announced last week, because Melanie Martin gave every appearance that she was pulling up stakes when seen outside of her home.

Aaron Carter’s ex-fiancee was seen without her engagement ring following their shocking breakup just ONE week after the couple welcomed a baby boy.

Picture by: SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA

The new mom, who gave birth to their son Prince Carter just one week ago, was spotted without her huge diamond as she grabbed a package outside their California home on Tuesday morning. It’s not known where her pop star beau currently is, but movers were spotted leaving the luxury Lancaster residence that same morning.

Despite her romance woes, Melanie looked upbeat as she popped out wearing a pink ‘Juicy’ sweater and chatted to the Fedex delivery driver. The eye catching rock she usually wears was clearly gone from her ring finger amid the breakup drama, while a ‘For Sale’ sign was installed outside the detached home.

Picture by: SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA

Carter dramatically announced the break up on twitter.

Melanie Martin gave birth via emergency c-section, after 13 hours of labor, according to Carter. She’s still recovering from that surgery. Whatever her betrayal was, it would seem that Carter would not have tried so hard to publicly humiliate her at this time. Why not wait until the infant’s umbilical cord had fallen off, at the very least?

Sounding like he was auditioning for his own reality show (remember House of Carters from 2006?), Carter hinted that Martin colluded to deceive him with his twin sister Angel Conrad, with whom he is in a bitter feud. In 2019, a judge granted Angel’s restraining order against Aaron, after stating that Aaron had threatened to send hitmen after her.

Melanie Martin is a bartender and also owns a lash bar. In the past, she was arrested for felony domestic violence against Carter. She is hardly the reticent type, but she is certainly the one taking the high road, regarding this split, so far and has made her instagram page private.

Carter vowed he will be a single father to his new baby. That sounds like a threat. Will he battle Martin for custody? Stay tuned.

I suppose Aaron’s song is correct: it’s hard to love.

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