Widow Matthew Hutchins takes Steps Preliminary to filing Wrongful Death Action

Matthew and Andros Hutchins. Picture by: SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA

Grieving Widow Matthew Hutchins Steps Out In Los Angeles As He Reportedly Prepares To File Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

Halyna Hutchins’ grieving widow Matthew Hutchins steps out in Los Angeles as he reportedly prepares to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Amid claims of sabotage over his wife’s killing, the devastated father was seen chatting with pal and also leaving lunch with his son Andros, 9.

The two are mourning the death of the beloved cinematographer fatally shot by Alec Baldwin on the New Mexico set of his movie ‘Rust’.

According to TMZ.com, Matthew Hutchins has now hired attorneys at the law firm Panish, Shea, Boyle and Ravipud. Sources say that there will be multiple defendants in a lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the distraught father and son. Matthew Hutchins was seen hugging and talking to Alec Baldwin in Santa Fe, New Mexico when Hutchins arrived at the movie set to pick up Halyna’s belongings. The production on Rust has now closed down and Alec Baldwin stated that he does not think it will resume.

Alec Baldwin has previously given an impromptu interview on the side of the road where he was vacationing in Vermont. Tired of photographers following him, he stopped to talk to them, hoping that if he did so, they would agree to stop seeking pictures of him and his family as they walked around. He did not get what he hoped for. He is still being photographed, but at least we gained insight into his viewpoint. He tried to paint the shooting as a fluke. He called it a “one in a trillion episode” and pointed out that guns have been used on sets for decades, without incident. Yes, they have been safely used on set when producers, crew and performers followed safety protocols.

This shooting was not a fluke. A bolt of lightening striking Halyna Hutchins would have been a fluke. This shooting was negligence. Alec Baldwin was not responsible for the bullet being in the gun but was the person who had the last clear chance of making sure the gun injured no one. He could have checked the gun chamber before handling it. He could simply have not shot it. He was rehearsing, showing how he intended to draw the gun. There was no reason for him to actually shoot the weapon, whether he thought it was loaded or not. Proper safety procedure is to treat every gun as if it is loaded, even if you believe it is not.

Baldwin has four little boys at home. He may be accustomed to playing shoot ’em up with them. But he was not playing on the set of Rust and he did not have a toy in his hands, it was a real gun. Therefore, when he shot it and purportedly said “bang,” I can’t see the death that resulted as a fluke and I had more sympathy for Baldwin when I thought he would have to live with guilt for the rest of his life, than when I heard him distancing himself from the shooting as he did in the TMZ interview video.

Industry protocol is for the performer to check the guns when they receive them, even if they are told they are handling a “cold gun”. Industry protocol is not to wave the gun around during blocking, not to point the gun at anyone, and not to pull the trigger, except during filming (when it would normally have only a blank in it). And while we’ve been told that the crew did not receive proper safety training on the Rust set, Alec Baldwin has been in big budget productions both in film and on tv. The 24 year old armorer, Hannah Gutierrez was a novice, but Baldwin was not. He has worked with producers who could afford to give the cast and crew full safety training and he should have known what less seasoned colleagues did not.

Meanwhile, it’s revealed Baldwin and the film crew were accused of breaking at least four key movie industry gun safety protocols before the deadly shooting of the Ukrainian-born mother, 42. And in a bombshell interview with the Today Show this week, lawyers for movie set armourer Hannah Gutierrez suggested a live bullet may have been intentionally placed inside the gun alongside blanks, as an act of sabotage by a crew member. There had been conflict on the set just ahead of the shooting, because Rust wanted to use non-union crew members in place of IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) members who, by the way, were trained in safe gun handling on film sets. In fact, production was delayed the day of the shooting, because they had so many new people working, their having been a mass exit the day before.

Picture by: SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA

As the shocking story continues to unfold, a casually dressed Matthew was spotted strolling with a male friend and stopping off for lunch with his young son. He wore a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ hat, from Pink Floyd’s famous 1973 album. Photos taken Monday November 1, 2021

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