Angelina Jolie and her 4 kids Continue Roman Tour

Rome, ITALY – *EXCLUSIVE* The American actress Angelina Jolie takes time out in the eternal city of Rome, pictured with her children on a sightseeing tour. Jolie had brought her daughters during the 16th Rome Film Festival and here we see the family with their tour guide who showed them around the beautiful historical city. Jolie and her daughters donned their face masks due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 during their informative evening out. Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA

While having a tour guide show them around Rome, Angelina Jolie did not stop at The Spanish Steps. Before the Eternals premiere, Jolie walked through other parts of Rome with her children Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. While Mama wore heels and clacked over the cobble stones, the kids opted for sneakers and comfortable attire.

The twins, Vivienne and Knox are 13 now and, seemingly overnight, Vivienne seems to be as mature as her older sisters. Vivienne appeared especially unnerved by the omnipresent paparazzi and stared directly into the lens, for most of her walk.

Rome, ITALY – Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA:

One gets the feeling that Vivienne put an arm around her mother’s shoulder not for protection, as a smaller child would, but to shield her mother, to give protection.

Rome, ITALY – Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA:

Rome is known for its archaeological graffiti and some of it was just as crude then as it is today. For instance on one basilica in Pompeii, someone etched the words “Lucille made money from her body.” The more things change, the more they stay the same. Graffiti is a big problem at the Colosseum and throughout the capital,

The Jolie family walked past as much modern (spray painted) graffiti as they did the historical variety on their tour and one has to wonder if it too will stand the test of time and be revered by historians hundreds of years from now. I hope not.

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Of course, although she made time for family, Jolie was in Rome for business. She attended a photocall for her film The Eternals, posing on the roof of the Hotel de la Ville. Although Jolie has only a small part in the film, she is getting the lion’s share of attention from the press. I suppose that’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

At the red carpet premiere of the film, Jolie wore a Atelier Versace gown. The silver folds draped her torso, like paint. Versace describes the platinum gown as “heritage metal mesh,” featuring a “column silhouette with elegantly draped corset.”

With the dress shimmering already, Jolie kept her accessories simple. Her hair was straight and unadorned and she wore only drop earrings and rings by Vhernier. Vhernier is appropriately headquartered in Milan.

‘Eternals’ film premiere, Rome Film Festival, Italy – 24 Oct 2021 Angelina Jolie The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited

Jolie’s oldest girls accompanied her to the premiere. Zahara wore a long white gown with gold trim at the bodice, while Shiloh wore the classic little black dress, with a round scoop neck, rather than the plunging black numbers her mama made famous.

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