Lori Harvey Shops in West Hollywood

West Hollywood, CA – After hitting the gym, Lori Harvey went grocery shopping at Erewhon in West Hollywood wearing her athleisure ensemble. BACKGRID USA 21 OCTOBER 2021

Keeping it casual in a cropped top and athletic pants, Lori Harvey shops at Erewhon in West Hollywood.

While promoting her skin care line, Harvey recently dished about why her beau, Michael B. Jordan calls her total, as he did in a reply to her instagram post.

Jordan obviously appreciated Harvey’s post, smashing that birthday cake because he replied: “Gimmie!! Sheeesh!! Happy Birthday Turtle!!”

Fans have been dying to know the derivation of the nickname and Harvey spilled:  “Honestly because he says I take so long to get ready. He says I move on turtle time. So he’s like, ‘okay, Turtle.’”

Oh. Is that it? I thought it would involve hiding her head under a shell, but she’s just a slow poke. That’s fine. Female prerogative. So, how long did it take Lori to dress for her grocery store run? Did she just roll out of bed, put on the comfiest clothes she could find and run out of the house to pick up a carton of eggs, in a jiffy? As if!


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