Sarah Jessica Parker films Kissing Scene

New York, NY – Sarah Jessica Parker shares a kiss with co-star John Tenney on the set of ‘And Just Like That’ in New York City. Pictured: Sarah Jessica Parker BACKGRID USA 20 OCTOBER 2021 USA

For those of us watching filming of Sex and the City in New York, it’s been fun trying to figure out the plot from the glimpses from the set. Today was exciting, because Carrie Bradshaw filmed a kissing scene with the new beau, played by Jon Tenney. It was passionate, but ended on a rather platonic note. When he kissed her, Carrie kissed back with emotion, but then she gently turned her lips away from his and kind of rested her head lightly on his shoulder before pulling back.

That is classic friend zone behavior. They then “chatted” before Carrie walked upstairs alone. Just my opinion since the dialogue could not be heard, but I think she gave him the “I’m sorry, but . . . ” speech.

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