Caroline Kennedy Shopping for Baby Clothes

Picture by: Elder Ordonez / Splash News and Pictures

I spy with my little eye, Caroline Kennedy walking down the streets with a Jacardi bag on her arm. Kennedy is pictured carrying a little bag from Jacardi, a baby clothing store on Madison Ave. Is she getting ready to become a grandmother? Her 31-year-old daughter, Tatiana got married four years ago.

Caroline, 63 looks as if she’s channeling her mom, style icon, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis as she strides down Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Of course, we all shop for many people, graduates, new homeowners, new parents. Caroline could be buying baby clothes for any number of people. She’s got a zillion kids in her paternal extended family alone, not to mention her mother’s family, her in-laws, etc. No reason to think she was shopping for her daughter. Just being nosy.

Last month, Schlossberg hosted a live conversation with ocean explorers about the importance of preserving the diverse underwater species as a way to combat global climate change. She’s a Yale graduate and an award winning journalist whose book, Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have, about the unseen environmental and climate impacts of the Internet and technology, food, fashion and fuel, won the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award in 2020.

Schlossberg married George Moran, a doctor, at the Kennedy’s Red Gate Farm on Martha’s Vineyard.

Even for those of us younger than Caroline Kennedy, the photos of her as a child in the White House are emblazoned in our memories. It’s interesting to think of her becoming a grandma.

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