Toddler takes Parental Units Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson on another Erewhon Run

Santa Monica, CA – Actor Joshua Jackson and wife Jodie Turner-Smith take their baby grocery shopping at Erewhon in Santa Monica. Pictured: Joshua Jackson, Jodie Turner-Smith BACKGRID USA 6 OCTOBER 2021

We are in madly in love with Peter Bishop. Maybe that’s why we pay close attention to everything Joshua Jackson does and can’t help noticing how worried his daughter is when they come to the end of grocery shopping, approach the cash register and she fears that Dad just won’t be able to pay the bill. Those Dawson’s Creek residuals only go so far. Royalty checks eek in in the amount of 18 cents one day and 25 cents the next. That’s why he’s trying to pay the $21.00 grocery bill with quarters, dimes and pennies from the child’s piggy bank.


Sure, mom Jodie Turner-Smith has been working steadily. The Noah Baumbach movie, White Noise, has an $80 million budget. That’s not chicken feed. She also has Borderland, The Independent and that Gucci money coming in, but look at her. She’s all covered up and trying to hide her identity like she thinks she’s Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. She wants nothing to do with this “I’m sorry sir, that credit card has been declined” crisis.

Santa Monica, CA – BACKGRID USA 6 OCTOBER 2021

Look, we know that Joshua Jackson got rave reviews for his chilling portrayal of butchering surgeon Christopher Duntsch in Dr. Death, but the series aired on Peacock. Not only does no one watch Peacock, no one even knows it exists. When the chairman of NBCUniversal, Frances Berwick, was asked about Dr. Death, she thought it was a dark Doctor Who spin off.

Hang in there Josh. Christmas is coming soon and we’re going to do a Pacey pledge drive. In the meantime, try to get Jodie to stop looking like the shadow of death.

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