Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson go Shopping with Baby on Board

Los Angeles, CA – Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith save money by refilling their water jugs as they go shopping for groceries with their daughter at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles. BACKGRID USA 30 SEPTEMBER 2021

Hey kid, how do you like Dad’s new haircut? Makes it less likely that people will mistake him for your grandpa when you take him out, right? That’s what I thought.


Josh and Jodie save money and save the environment as they reuse and refill their plastic water jugs while shopping at Erewhon.

The couple just returned from fashion week in Milan. Before that, Josh was at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his company Liquid Media Group. Pacey is quite the globe trotter.

By the way people, the child’s name is not Janey, no matter what you read.

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