Kate, Charles, Will, and Camilla Prove it’s No Time to Die

Splash news

Kate Middleton and Prince Charles greeted each other enthusiastically at the premiere of the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die. The London premiere was held at the Royal Albert Hall. The Duchess of Cambridge towered over her Dad-in-law and they shared big smiles. Prince William kissed Camilla’s cheek.

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the World Premiere of “No Time To Die” at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Pictured: Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge BACKGRID USA 28 SEPTEMBER 2021

While it’s tradition for members of the royal family to attend bond premieres, for all four senior royals to do so is certainly unusual. A red carpet event attended by the full quarter in the midst of Covid is unexpected, but maybe they thought that was the boost the UK needed. A focus on fun, fashion and frivolity might not only distract from depressing news and scandal (Hi Andrew), but also spur the public to go out and stimulate the economy and visit the cinema themselves.

Coming after Meghan and Harry’s stint in NYC which captured headlines for a whole week, the appearance of the fulsome foursome at the premiere, readjusts the spotlight and reminds the UK public where the future of the royal family truly lies. The message is that while the Sussexes are stunting, tradition lies with us and, also, this will give the media something to talk about aside from Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and the Subpoena.

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