Hey, Haters it’s Possible for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Offset Private Jet Carbon Emissions

Photo © 2021 Backgrid/The Grosby Group. Reproduction prohibited. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive back in Santa Barbara on a private jet as they give long hugs to people and staff before heading home after a long trip to New York.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle returned home to Santa Barbara from their visit to NYC on a private jet, immediately sparking false outrage from their detractors who never seem to think it worth commenting when Prince William and Kate Middleton or Prince Charles and Camilla also fly in private jets.

Yes, it is jarring when a couple who spends so much time championing the world’s need to save the environment, then uses a private jet, burning 1400 gallons of fuel to transport a very small number of people.

For a 5.5 hour flight, the Sussex’s’ plane likely consumed 1358 gallons of jet fuel. But remember who they are. Having them fly privately probably saved more fuel, costs and inconvenience for everyone.

Photo © 2021 Backgrid/The Grosby Group / Reproduction Prohibited

Why do you think they didn’t fly commercial? Because they believe they’re too good for Delta? Not likely. Look at Harry. You know he wants to hit that Spirit Airline Frequent Flyer program. But how practical would that be? They’re wealthy. High profile and, whether they officially represent the Queen or not, they are irrevocably tied to a sovereignty. They are prime, international, targets for kidnapping, assassination and violence. When they travel, security is not only needed to protect them, but to protect anyone in their vicinity who could get caught in the middle of any criminal plots against them. They need police escorts, guards, street closures, cordons and rerouting to get to and through public airports. Any fuel they did not use on the private jet would likely be spent gassing up the security cars needed to get them to JFK. Keep in mind, automobile gasoline costs and harms the environment more than jet fuel does.

And remember that when Harry and Meghan stroll through LaGuardia, the rest of us have to wait longer to get through traffic and security to our own airport terminals and gates.

The Sussexes aren’t flying private jets just for the luxurious kicks. Their avoiding public transportation actually benefits us, the people who have to rely on it most. The last thing I want to hear is that my plane is going to be an hour late because of the congestion caused by Meghan and Harry onlookers.

Furthermore, does anyone really believe that they are doing more to damage the green movement than they are to help it? Aside from the publicity they bring to environmental causes, they actively work to erase their own pollution, even when it comes to private planes.

There are steps that can be taken to offset the carbon footprint left by private jets. In short, efforts are taken to save waste in other areas to make up for the damage caused by each private jet trip. In this way, the jet trip becomes “carbon neutral”. Elton John raised awareness about carbon neutralizing when he offered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex his own private jet and they were denounced for accepting it back in 2019. He responded to the attacks in an Instagram post.

Elton John explained that when he offered use of his plane, he also gave money to a service called Carbon Footprint, which calculates the cost of CO2 emissions, accepts payment for those costs and then makes appropriate donations to environmental projects that offset the negative impact of those emissions, like funding carbon reduction programs and planting trees locally or in other regions that have the greatest need for them.

You can also offset carbon emissions by buying clean aviation fuel, funding carbon capture (which catches and stops carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere), and helping to build low cost housing projects that use electricity instead of natural gas. Harry and Meghan not only support and pay for such offsets with their foundation, but also inform others of the need to do so, spreading awareness and increasing fundraising that subsidize the cost of the preservation movement.

The truth is, jet fuel is cheaper and less hazardous than regular gasoline. It has a lower viscosity. It’s thinner than other gas and is not as toxic to the environment, when emitted.

Jet fuel is designed to fly at high (colder) altitudes and has a lower freezing point, accordingly. It also has a higher flashpoint and greater efficiency and power than regular gas. The larger the aircraft, the more fuel it burns per hour. That means a commercial plane is much more expensive to fuel than a private jet. Of course, an Airbus 350 carries more people than a Cessna, but when you are transporting public figures like heads of state and royalty, it’s not as if they’d be flying with a bunch of families or springbreakers on their way to Disneyland, anyway. You aren’t gonna have to tell Meghan to check her carry-on at the gate because all the overhead bins have been taken. For security reasons, there would be fewer private citizens on Harry and Meghan commercial plane. They might as well fly private and let the rest of us fill up all of the center seats.

As much as their critics hate it, Harry and Meghan are not simply rich celebrities. They are perceived in much the same way that heads of state are. They attract terrorists. Justin Bieber does not. It may make a great headline to pretend that their use of a private jet is proof of their excessive spending and reveals them to be hypocrites, but based on their status, flying privately from New York to California may just be the most economic form of travel available. Moreover, having them at LaGuardia or LAX would be as tiresome for the general public as it would be for them.

It’s not as if Harry and Meghan went shopping with Kylie Jenner and splurged on a $72.8 million Global Express jet with head-to-toe pink decorations to match Meghan’s favorite color scheme. If haters are really serious about taking Harry and Meghan down and proving them lying phonies, why not find a bigger nit to pick than private jet flights and avocado toast?

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