Rihanna Gets Old School Chivalry

New York, NY – Rihanna stuns as she’s carried in to party in camouflage skirt in NYC. She’s wearing Junya Watanabe skirt over camo pants with the new Marine Serre top paired with camo Amina Mauddi heels. PapCulture / BACKGRID USA

Pesky puddles must be avoided by ladies at all costs, especially when your clothes are as pricy as Rihanna’s.

Remember that old school chivalry where, if a woman was walking down the street and there was a puddle of water on the road, the gentleman would take off his jacket, lay it across the puddle and let the lady walk over the jacket, so that her skirts would not be soiled by the puddle. Men in those days must have had quite a cleaning bill. Did they have disposable jackets so that they could peel off several a day, if necessary?

Well, then there was the alternative, where you could just pick the lady up and carry her across the water. Well, that’s the one Rihanna chose. During a rainy evening, when she was dressed in her camo best and risked muddying those Amina Mauddi heels, a gentleman scooped her into his arms and carried her into the party. What are the chances you can get that done for you if your last name was not Fenty?

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