Police Called to Jennifer Garner’s New Home

Brentwood, CA – Actress Jennifer Garner starts her morning in Brentwood with a visit to her under-construction home. The star brought a notebook and a can of soda water with her and stayed cozy in yoga pants paired with a sweater top. BACKGRID USA 22 SEPTEMBER 2021

A Police officer stopped by and said they got a call saying someone was trying to jump the fence while Garner was checking the inside of the property. Nobody was arrested.

Brentwood, CA – BACKGRID USA 22 SEPTEMBER 2021

Having been vacant for 2 years and with construction people constantly milling about this year, it’s no surprise that the home has attracted the attention of vandals and/or aggressive fans. Luckily, it is located in a heavily secured area and police arrived at the scene before Garner even knew that something was amiss, with the fence climber unable to make any progress in his illegal mission.

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Garner purchased the Brentwood Park property two years ago, soon after her divorce from Ben Affleck, but it has been vacant, while she rented elsewhere. This year, the building on her new home began and she started it from scratch. The 48 year-old actress came in like a wrecking ball and razed the original 1930 home which she bought for just under $8M after her divorce.

The new home appears to be coming together in the style of a Cape Cod style home. The construction process reveals that the home will be in doing its part for the environment with three banks of solar panels already installed on the south-facing portions of the roof. The home will have a pool in the backyard, and has at least four fireplaces, as well as a fireplace out on the patio deck.

Garner made the purchase after selling the home she once shared with Affleck, a three-acre, 16,000-square-foot Pacific Palisades compound. Adam Levine boght the home for $32 million in January 2019.

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