Summer’s Gone but the Drapes Are Still Open on the Curtain-Reveal Top

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The curtain-reveal top (aka the “pin top”) was the hit of Summer 2021. You know the fashion trend I mean. The one where it looks like you’re wearing a sweater that is two sizes too small and you buttoned it up and your buttons started popping off. As they clattered to the ground, you panicked and rushed for your mom’s sewing box (do those still exist even) and rummaged quickly past the pin cushion and tangle of measuring tape to find a needle and thread to sew the buttons back on.

Or you just left your bulging breasts straining against the one single button that remained on your top, hanging on to its life by a thin thread, and kept on strutting down the street. That’s what these famous ladies did.

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The one-button look was the hit of the summer and it still persists as we welcome fall and winter. Luckily, many of the curtain-reveal tops were long sleeved, knit. So the arms were covered, only the midriff was bear. If you aren’t facing cold wintry wind when you wear them, you should be fine.

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Indeed, Simon Porte Jacquemus made the look part of his autumn/winter 2021 collection, making it clear that it was not just a hot girl summer thing.

Photo © 2021 Backgrid/The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited West Hollywood, CA – Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi arrive to Nick Holiday from Brockhampton’s surprise birthday party at The Nice Guy. Pictured: Jacob Elordi, Kaia Gerber 16 JUNE 2021

Here is model Ashley Graham in one of the tops. She just announced that she is pregnant with twins. So, this top should come in great for breast-feeding, even if she nurses both tots at one time.

Photo © 2021 Splash News/The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited Model Ashley Graham was spotted out in West Hollywood, as she made her way to Soho House. The new mom looked chic in a brown sweater which she left unbuttoned showing her bra, a pair of brown crochet shorts, and leather slides with a chunky gold embellishment . She has kept a relatively low profile since giving birth, but did make it back onto the runway for Michael Kors 40th Anniversary show.

Ashley already has one son at home who is not even two yet. Now, she announced on Instagram that she is expecting two more boys, in a gender reveal video she shared.

Of course, Kendall Jenner wearing a pin top on the runway this year is what got all of the orders coming in.

Photo © 2021 Splash News/The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited Paris Jacquemus-Collection Fall 2021 Ready To Wear Model on the Runway Kendall Jenner 300621

I have always believed that for pornographic purposes, people seemed to be of the opinion that you could show as much of the breasts as possible, as long as there was no nipple and no one would say it was obscene. For some reason, a hint of areola made people apoplectic, but if you covered up the entire nipple circle and let everything else hang out, you were good to go.

Well, actually, that only holds true for the celebrities. In normal life, if you’re a woman and you have to go out on the same street that holds nosy, grandma types, you’re going to get scorned and shamed, even if you’re wearing a full coverage playtex bra beneath your shirt, if it is too near your skin color. I worked in a legal aid office as a young intern and the old ladies would tut at me, because I was wearing a nude color bra. They couldn’t see anything, but even the illusion of something was enough to set their hypocritical tongues wagging. Maybe that’s why the new generation is breaking free, so to speak, of convention. They’re baring it all and they invite you to tsk tsk at them. They love it when you do.

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