The Long and Short of It: Maria Shriver with Christina Schwarzenegger

Brentwood, CA – *EXCLUSIVE* – With Patrick Scharzenegger’s birthday coming up, it looks like Maria Shriver and Christina Schwarzenegger are out shopping birthday gifts at Theory in Brentwood. BACKGRID USA 18 SEPTEMBER 2021

Well her Dad did win the Mr. Universe title when he was only 20 years old. Perhaps, it’s due to Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Olympian DNA that Christina Schwarzenegger, 30, towers over her mother Maria Shriver, 65.

Christina’s brother Patrick Schwarzenegger turns 28 today. Maybe mom and sis were snagging his birthday gifts. If so, Patrick may be chagrined to realize that they waited until the very last minute. Hey, Patrick: I saw your moms holding up some long johns at Theory in Brentwood. You know the nondescript gray kind that will keep you warm on cold, Victorian nights.

Brentwood, CA – BACKGRID USA 18 SEPTEMBER 2021

I don’t think you’ll be getting anything that will help bolster your hunky image. I think the girls will drop you like flies. Then again, maybe not, because . . .

Patrick is Maria Shriver’s first son. The second and the baby of the family is Christopher Schwartzenegger. One kid named Christina. One named Christopher. They honored the savior. You know it was killing the Catholic Maria not to have a 5th child she could name Mary. Her Aunt Ethel had 11 kids and named two of them Mary because you can never be too careful, when it comes to winning favors with God.

Christina Schwarzenegger used to work for Goop, which is kind of funny because it’s the eldest Schwarzenegger kid, Katherine, who seemed to be going goopy herself, with all of the advertising she does for can’t-live-without-unless-you-are-not-rich products on social media.

In 2018, Christina was the executive producer of the Netflix documentary Take Your Pills, which chronicled Adderall and Ritalin addiction and the societal forces, and focus on achieving, that made drugs that were successful in treating deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, the prescription stimulant that is now controlling many adult lives — until it doesn’t. Christina has spoken of her own Adderall dependency. She took the drug to treat ADHD in High School and it has successfully helped many kids with the attention and focus they need academically. It raises the dopamine level in the brain and kids suffering from ADHD typically have lower than normal dopamine levels. Christina didn’t become dependent on the drug until college at Georgetown University. Keeping up with the challenging academic courses at the prestigious school caused the stress that led Christina to depend more on Adderall. She pointed out that “you get a high from it.”

As Adderall has become more prevalent among adults in college and in the workplace, there has been an increase in addiction and abuse. Christina said it was fulfilling to work on the documentary and raise awareness about the drug’s potential danger, if not managed properly.

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