Angelina Jolie Wows at the Airport

Photo © 2021 REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited New York, September 16, 2021. Angelina Jolie trip which included White House visit, advocating for the violence against women act, and then some personal time in NYC. Angelina Jolie was spotted exiting her NYC Hotel on Thursday after she snuck in some alone time in the Big Apple after her White House trip. Angelina quietly headed to NY for a personal escape Wednesday night where she enjoyed a quiet dinner at a private residence in Brooklyn. On Thursday morning she looked radiant in a black lace skirt as she departed her hotel and headed straight to the airport.

For myself, I like to travel in comfort. Lose soft clothing that will keep you warm and covered on the plane. Cozy socks. Flat shoes with rubber soles, the kind you can slip off when you go through airport security. Angelina Jolie, however, travels in stiletto heels, a stylish lacy black dress with scalloped edges and a black pull over that many goats were sheared to make. Even if she weren’t who she is, every head would turn as she strolled through the terminal, striding with purpose, glossy locks loose and streaming.

Photo © 2021 REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group / Reproduction Prohibited

Of course, Angelina had just left Washington, D. C. where she testified before the Senate to support the Violence Against Women Act.

There, Jolie also crossed paths with the Olympic gymnasts who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee: McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols, Kaylee Lorincz, and Jessica Howard. Along with Simone Biles, the women told the committee how their complaints regarding Larry Nassar, the former doctor for USA Gymnastics, had gone ignored by FBI agents and Gymnastics officials. Those in power either pooh-poohed reports about Nassar’s abuse or even lied about the information they received, to conceal the molestations and permit them to continue. Women now, the athletes were in their teens when the abuse occurred and no one protected them.

Knowing now what we didn’t know when Nassar’s abuse took place, and certainly didn’t know decades earlier when child stars like Natalie Wood were growing up, when athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka say they need to step back and take a break, because they’re hurting emotionally, why would we ridicule them? They risk losing the spotlight, the endorsements, the fame and money, so it’s not as if they’re making easy choices, without personal sacrifice. You never know what someone might be going through when the cameras stop rolling and they’re away from public view.

Of course, Angelia Jolie has championed protection for abused children for almost 20 years now, so she was happy to pose with the athletes and advocate for them. She then left Washington and headed to NY for a few days respite before making her glamorous airport run. Would you complain about leg room if Angelina Jolie reclined her seat in front of you?

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