Headphones and the City

Photo © 2021 The Image Direct/The Grosby Group EXCLUSIVE Sarah Jessica Parker heads out for a stroll in New York City. The 56 year old actress wore a large pair of headphones, blue tank top, striped trousers, and gold heels.

Why look it’s Carrie Bradshaw in disguise. From the looks of things, Sarah Jessica Parker is like me. She doesn’t like putting anything in her ear, be it q-tips or airbuds. I wear over the ear Bose headphones at home and on the plane. I would wear them walking down the streets of NYC too, but I am afraid of neck strain.

Of course, SJP is still filming And Just Like That. Andy Cohen said that because of Sarah’s film schedule, he had to skip the Met Gala himself, because he usually attends with her, his “date.” That’s a shame, because we’re always eager to see what Andy Cohen wears to the Met Gala, especially his shoes. Andy’s got a collection of Sperry loafers that is to die for.

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