Beyonce and JayZ Welcome Guest. Solange?

Capri, ITALY – *EXCLUSIVE* – American singer Beyonce seems very excited alongside husband Jay Z as she’s pictured welcoming a guest onboard their mega-yacht who made quite an entrance landing in a Helicopter! Beyonce was seen rushing to greet her VIP Guest as they hugged before going on to greet hubby Jay Z as their security guard captured the moment all on his phone. *Shot on September 9, 2021 SEPTEMBER 2021 Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA

Still aboard their mega-yacht, Beyonce and husband Jay-Z rushed up on deck to greet a guest who arrived by helicopter. Beyonce reached the mystery woman first and took time to soak her in, hold her face and give her a big hug. Then Jay-Z came up and gave the woman a big bear hug. The Carters’ security guard video taped the affectionate greetings on his cell phone.

The video was blurry, but could the woman they were so glad to see be Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles?


This cruise is becoming an annual event for Beyonce and Jay-Z. You will recall that they spent last September on a gargantuan yacht that rented for $2 million a week. Beyonce’s birthday just passed, but the celebration obviously continued. Last year, their yacht, Lana, was 350 long, one of the largest charter yachts in the world, built by Benetti an Italian shipbuilding company. Benetti designs and constructs motoryachts, and is known for their lavish superyachts. Lana had the capacity to hold 16 guests in five cabins.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have a tradition of chartering amazing yachts, but last year’s was the biggest by far.

Anyway, is that Solange or not? What do you say?

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