Back to the Real World for Jessica Chastain

Photo © 2021 The Image Direct/The Grosby Group/ Reproduction Prohibited. Jessica Chastain is back to mom duty in New York City. The 44 year old actress made recent headlines when her red carpet appearance with co star Oscar Isaac went viral at Venice Film Festival. Chastain wore a tan blazer, jeans, and gold loafers.

After they’ve seen Paree, how ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm? Or, in this case, after Jessica Chastain’s arm kiss from Oscar Isaac steamed up the internet, how is walking her kids in New York going to keep her satisfied? Well, the truth is, she probably much prefers her family time. Here she is seen with her daughter Giulietta and her second little one, whose name has not yet been leaked.

Here, with a pointing, warning finger, she seems to be cautioning the kids not to take it too fast. The nanny pushes the stroller beside them.

I am anxious to see Chastain’s action film The 355. Even before Covid, the film’s release had been pushed back, which can be an ominous sign that the studio lacks faith in it. Yet, Universal won the domestic rights to the movie after a Cannes bidding war and they proudly showed clips at the recent Cinemacon. Perhaps, all hope is not lost.

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