Beyonce and Jay-Z Enjoying Capri and Hand-holding

Photo © 2021 Backgrid UK/The Grosby Group/ Reproduction Prohibited

Jay-Z securely holds his wife’s arm, escorting her like she’s precious cargo. Out on an evening jaunt around town, the superstar couple Beyonce and Jay-Z show off their forever lasting love by holding hands on their Italian holiday in Capri. Beyonce looked every inch the star as she posed up with her snazzy sunglasses, white top with feathers and flared jeans as she covered her face in a patterned red bandana. Beyonce was with her husband, the hip hop legend Jay-Z who showed off his striking dreadlocked hair as the couple were accompanied on the walk by their security entourage and Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child co-singer Kelly Rowland who looked glamorous on the night out as they popped into a few shops in town. Pictured: Beyonce, 8 SEPTEMBER 2021
Photo © 2021 Backgrid UK/The Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited

Why is Beyonce covering her face? Surely she doesn’t think that would stop her from being recognized anywhere in the world and that red bandana would not discourage photographers either. In fact, having her masked would probably make their photos more mysterious. Is she covering her mouth and nose for Covid? Too late for that. No one else in Capri seems to be giving any thought to the pandemic and Jay-Z certainly has no mask.

Photo © 2021 Backgrid UK/The Grosby Group /Reproduction Prohibited

Did Beyonce almost have a wardobe malfunction or is she just teasing us?

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