Jay Walking

TV star Jay Leno steps out with his work bag in Beverly Hills and the TV star kept things casual in a denim top paired with blue jeans. Pictured: BACKGRID USA 19 AUGUST 2021

Jay Leno must have wanted to be recognized. Why else would he be strolling through Beverly Hills in his signature uniform. Denim pants and top. Deeply unbuttoned top. Why has Jay, 71, decided to flash his cleavage at this late stage in his life?

That Canadian tuxedo, tho. Jay is so famous for it that it got it’s very own segment when Jay was roasted (well, honored) by his friends at the Kennedy Center back in 2014. Jerry Seinfeld disparaged the ensemble: “It’s horrible. I’m a big fan of looking decent. You don’t have to look great — but I think decent.” Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, J.B. Smoove, Kristin Chenoweth, and Ross Mathews, also weighed, giving their Blackwell assessment of the two-piece garb.

With Conan gone from the late night scene, I’ve been mourning the way the landscape has changed since Carson. At least some things remain the same with Leno.

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