Jamie Foxx Can’t Stay Away from Ex, Kristin Grannis

Malibu, CA – Actor Jamie Foxx is seen leaving dinner with his youngest daughter Annalise Bishop and her mother Kristin Grannis at Nobu in Malibu. BACKGRID USA:

Everyone knows that Jamie Foxx loves to promote his daughters. He always makes sure they get attention when accompanying him on the red carpet or anywhere else. But one thing Mr. Foxx does not like to promote is his love life. He is notorious for having a “secret” relationship with Katie Holmes for six years. Six years of arriving separately at events, concealing embraces, denying the obvious, ducking and dodging.

Westlake Village, CA – Jamie Foxx joins his ex, Kristin Grannis, and daughter Annalise for school picture day in Westlake Village. Pictured: Jamie Foxx BACKGRID USA

Therefore, the fact that he is constantly and publicly in the company of ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis is an anomaly for Foxx. The erstwhile duo have been seen about town twice in less than a week. First getting school pictures with their daughter, Annalise, and then dining with Grannis and Annalise at Nobu in Malibu. Most married couples aren’t together that much. When Annalise was first born, Foxx tried to keep her mother’s identity a secret. That’s how private his romances are. The question is, is this a romance?

Now, one could say that Grannis and Foxx are so often together just to show their daughter that they can still be a family, even after a break up. But Annalise is 12 now. She’s at the age where she probably doesn’t need to hang with either of her parents constantly, let alone both of them. The more I see Foxx and Grannis together, the more I start to think that they aren’t there for Annalise. She’s just there as a front for them. Maybe she’s taken a tip from Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan (anyone here for the Hayley Mills version?) and has tricked her parents back together.

Jamie Foxx seems to be a man who always wants to be known as single, but never really is.

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