Anderson Cooper and Tony Bennett

The Grosby Group, Reproduction Prohibited

Deux Moi posted a sighting of Anderson Cooper and Tony Bennett together on a park bench in its popular weekend round up today. I am sure that Cooper was interviewing Bennett for 60 Minutes, to discuss the cancellation of the tours scheduled for this year and, perhaps, to showcase what dementia is like as it touches all of us and our families in various ways, whether you’ve lived a legendary life or a mundane one.

Tony Bennett leaves rehearsals at Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA – 02 Aug 2021 Grosby Group/Reproduction Prohibited

I’d actually prefer it if Anderson and Bennett were just hanging out together, buddies at the park and not “working.” How cool would that be?

So, 2021 sees Bennett’s last concert. It was 1951 that he first caused a “bobby sox” stampede. Bennett was just an emerging talent then, hot off of his hit Because of You. The New York Paramount theater hadn’t seen excitement for concert tickets anything like Bennett’s, since Frank Sinatra headlined. Bennett was booked for an unprecedented four week run.

Bennett made his first public appearance in a neighborhood parish minstrel show (sigh), in which he sang Ida. It went something like this:

Ida! Sweet as apple cider,
Sweeter than all I know,
Come out! In the silv’ry moonlight,
Of love we’ll whisper, so soft and low!
Seems as tho’ can’t live without you,
Listen, please, honey do!
Ida! I idolize yer
I love you, Ida, ‘deed I do.

Bennett was only seven years old at the time! Now, at 95 years old, the live performances stop. His Radio City Music Hall shows with duet partner Lady Gaga, “One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga” have been confirmed to be his last. End of an era.

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