Fabulous Jack Brooksbank

After Jack Brooksbank, husband to Princess Eugenie of York, was photographed, cavorting on a boat in Capri with three modeling beauties, one of whom was topless, mother-in-law Sarah Ferguson came to his defense. Recalling the time Sarah Ferguson was snapped having her toe sucked by John Bryan, following her split from Prince Andrew, I am not sure she’s the one you’d want defending your honor, when it comes to marital scandal.

Jack Brooksbank on his wedding day

Appearing on BBC’s The One Show, Ferguson insisted that Jack was a swell guy, only on a boat drinking it up with half-clad women, while his wife was at home post-partum, because he was working. She went on to assure everyone that Brooksbank was a gentleman of such integrity, she called him “James Bond” as a nickname. Of course, James Bond is famous for his monogamous ways, so that comparison inspires loads of trust in Jack Brooksbank’s fidelity, does it not?

Brooksbank, a former barman, is an ambassador for Casamigo’s tequila. Casamigos was in Capri for the Unicef Summer Gala and Brooksbank’s boating excursion with models Erica Pelosini, Maria Buccellati and Casamigos’ global editor, Rachel Zalis took place before the party, er, work event. Ferguson reacted as if the suggestion that Brooksbank was carousing were unfair, since he was on business. My question is, why is he in a business that requires him to party regularly with topless women, while his wife is at home with their baby?

Model Erica Pelosini

Furthermore, Casamigos is partly owned by George Clooney and when is the last time Clooney was photographed on a boat with a bevy of women, while Amal was nowhere to be found? The explanation that Brooksbank simply had his nose to the grindstone is not a good enough excuse. It looked more like a grinding stone — or groan stone.

Many entrepreneurs say that the best advice they ever got when starting their own business was to do what they love. Brooksbank seems to have taken that message to heart and has fashioned a career working with night clubs, liquor and unclothed women. Although the mum-in-law paints Brooksbank as a staid family man who likes to lay low, he has long had a reputation for clubbing.

When Eugenie and Brooksbank started dating in 2013, the Daily Mail reported there were pictures of him groping a naked stripper during his 21st birthday party. Daily Mail said the pictures had leaked online, but were too risque to publish.

I’m not saying that Brooksbank was cheating, I just find Sarah Ferguson’s “nothing to see here” comments explaining that it was all work, not the play it appeared to be, were ludicrous. I suppose a tequila company is expected to throw wild parties, but if that’s par for the course and wild, wifeless parties are objectionable, maybe one shouldn’t work for a tequila company. It’s as like someone employed as a prostitute insisting their spouse should not raise eyebrows at the extramarital sex, because it was merely a job task.

Eugenie and Brooksbank have been together for a long time and I’m willing to accept that nothing too untoward went on. But how can royal watchers, who find so much fault with Meghan Markle for breakfasting on avocado toast, simply shrug truly questionable royal shenanigans off?

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